If you host a website on a server, it works by using the server's shared IP - a special number that is used to detect every device connected to the Net. The domain name which you use for the site is for quick access and convenience of the site visitors, but on a lower level, their web browser connects to the IP of the server. Due to the fact that there're many more sites than IP addresses, shared hosting servers use the very same IP for several sites even if they are owned by separate users. Even though this doesn't affect your site performance directly, having a dedicated IP can slightly enhance the loading speed of a particular website, giving it better rankings in search engine results. Such an IP is essential for the setup of an SSL certificate too, so if you plan to protect the payment or login data that your site visitors type in, you will need an IP along with the SSL.

Dedicated IP Address in Cloud Web Hosting

When you use some of our cloud web hosting packages, you'll be able to add a dedicated IP address to your account in no time and assign it to a domain or subdomain with no more than a few clicks. This is valid no matter which data center you've chosen for your account throughout the signup process, therefore you'll be able to take advantage of this feature in our US, UK and AU facilities. This way, you can have a dedicated IP for an e-commerce website, for example, whereas a forum attached to it can use the server's shared IP as you can modify each and every domain or subdomain independently from the Hosted Domains area of your Hepsia Control Panel. If you need a dedicated IP for an SSL certificate and you get the SSL from our company, you can use our auto-configuration tool, which will assign an IP and set up the SSL automatically for the website where you would like to use them.